Buffalo Wrangling

It has been just over two weeks since our first buffalo arrived. This was the beginning of our “mini farm”. The idea of our mini farm was to start our first few months with 5 buffalo so that we could train our staff, perfect our recipes, and get the word out about our business while our main farm gets built.

After all the excitement of getting our business started and getting our first buffalo, we still could not have imagined what we were in for once we got going.

Getting started: Hello From Laos Buffalo Dairy!

We are very excited to share our adventure of opening up the first Buffalo Dairy in Laos with you! It has been an exciting process with every day a new challenge or surprise, and we are pleased to say that we are close to our launch! 

Our dairy will be located in Muang Khay Village (Ban Muang Khay in Lao language), right on the road to Kuang Si Waterfall! We have been getting everything ready to welcome our first buffalo – our first few will be arriving this week!