Pitching in for World Clean Up Day

On 22nd of September it was World Clean Up Day and some of the Laos Buffalo Dairy Team pitched in.

Millions uniting worldwide to call for a waste-free world!

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World Clean Up Day happens only once a year, but try to remember daily not to throw garbage everywhere. Keep the planet clean, recycle.

Our ecosystems are being ravaged by waste and pollution. We must keep our beaches, woods, seas, rivers, countrysides and city streets clean – only then can our environment once again regain its health and beauty. To do this, we need a systemic shift in our approach to resources – drastically reducing the amount of waste created, and preserving all resources at their highest quality by reusing what we can, and recycling or composting everything else. We also need a collective consensus on creating a healthy waste-free environment for all. We must shift our perspectives, and treat all waste as a precious resource - just like nature does. It’s only waste when it’s wasted.

World Clean up day Laos Buffalo Dairy.JPG