Raspberry and Chocolate With Almonds Grilled Cheese

The tone is set for a great grilled cheese with the first slice of bread. Or in this case, loaf of angel food cake. Light and airy on the inside, the buttered slices of angel food cake crisp up to deliver a delicate exterior for the melted insides of the grilled cheese. If angel cake isn’t your thing or you’re looking for a sturdier outside, try a sweetened brioche or challah bread to keep the dessert theme going.

This grilled cheese gets its sweetness from HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate with Almonds bars. The almonds melted among the cheese and chocolate give an unexpected but totally welcome crunchy surprise and contrast perfectly with the soft chew of the sandwich.

I use two cheese for this sandwich: creamy mascarpone that’s been sprinkled with just a touch of granulated sugar and creamy havarti. Mascarpone is creamy like a cream cheese but not as tart. Havarti is a young cheese making it perfectly suitable for melting. These two cheeses are mild enough in flavor to simply compliment rather than take over the flavor of this sweetened grilled cheese.

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