A crossbreed, you say?

It’s official!!  We have our first crossbred buffalo at Laos Buffalo Dairy!

We are happy to announce that the Artificial Insemination breeding program that we did back in December 2016, with our esteemed Laos vet Dr. Som, was a success!  

On 2nd November, two of our team members escorted a buffalo and her crossbred baby in from Thinkeo Village.  The buffalos belong to Thinkeo Village Chief, Somlit, who is a very big supporter of Laos Buffalo Dairy, bringing us his buffalo and helping us with some of our building and crazy falang (foreigner) ideas.  

The baby was 2 weeks old when she walked onto our farm.  We are happy to report that she and mum are doing well and seem to be enjoying their new home for the time being.

crossbreed baby buffalo.jpg
crossbreed baby buffalo.jpg

The AI program at LBD is an ongoing affair at the farm to help increase the genetic mix within the herds in the local villages.  Because most of the males are slaughtered for meat, they don’t have a chance to breed and the genetics in the herds is thinning.  AI is being used to improve genetics and hopefully decrease the calf mortality rate.  With the backing of the government and the help of local farmers, we will keep trying to improve buffalo population.

We hope to report more crossbreeds in the near future.  Stop by the farm and see her in the tourist area.  Keep your eyes open for more reports!